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You are taking a stroll through the neighborhood as you run into one of your neighbors. Needless to say she is… HOT. Roxy is laying out in her tiny bikini when she looks up and sees you. She greets you with a beautiful smile and says isn’t it a nice day. She is so glad to have finally met you. You talk about where you are working. She is in disbelief because she goes shopping there all the time. But, oh your wife works there too? Well, she tells you her name and it is a pleasure to meet you. Roxy is trying to just soak up some rays. As she rolls over to her stomach so all you can see is her curves and nice round ass. You invite her over to have dinner at your house sometime. You continue to make small talk. She asks if you have been in the neighborhood a long time. Roxy likes it so far and she is sure there are some things that you can still discover. She won’t be a stranger. She appreciates you coming over and talking to her. You tell her to flip over so she doesn’t get to red. As you check out her ass some more.

Later on, you are sitting on your porch when Roxy comes up and asks if it’s okay to come in. You tell her it’s fine. Until you see her walk up in her wet white shirt. And it’s easy to tell that she isn’t wearing a bra, it’s completely see through. She is kind of embarrassed one of her pipes burst and she needs some help. Roxy has no idea how to fix it. You follow her into her home. She tells you how her kitchen sink is just leaking everywhere. Roxy is sure to poke her butt out so you can get a good view as she bends over to look and show you under the sink. You come up and tell her that there isn’t anything leaking. Roxy tries to say that it happened earlier she doesn’t understand but she asks you if you would like to stay for something to eat. You tell her no and you are about to leave. But she tries everything to get you to stay. Roxy is sure she can find a way to make you hungry. As she begins rubbing on your dick. Making it hard you try to tell her no. Roxy insists that it is alright that everything will be okay. Roxy begins to go down on you. You know it is wrong. But it feels so right as you look down into her eyes as she is sucking your dick. You finish in her mouth and she looks more satisfied. She wanted to thank you for your help. Roxy gives you a kiss goodbye.

It is the next day and you go and knock on Roxy’s door. You want to talk about last night. Roxy tells you to come in and she is in her exercise clothes doing yoga. She asks what is there to talk about? She can’t believe that you are worried about it. She tells you that it’s fine. Roxy has no regrets about what happened. Your wife doesn’t have to know. Let her just start off by saying… as she gives you some kisses. Roxy asks you to come to another room with her. She brings you to her bedroom and she knew you would follow. She pushes you to the bed and she begins undressing. She shakes her ass to seduce you and then she climbs on top of you and begins kissing you some more. She sits on your dick and enjoys every bit of it. As you watch her and you enjoy her too. As you both reach your climax Roxy tells you that you never had a chance and your wife was never going to keep you anyway. MWAH

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