Dixie Comet / Tina Lee Comet – Dr. Boner’s Magical Wife De-Frumping Elixir

From: That Kinky Girl

You’re feeling a bit horny so you go looking for your wife to see if she wants to fuck. Unfortunately she’s turned into a bit of a asexual couch potato since you’ve been married and when you find her she’s in the living room in front of the TV and she’s unshowered, wearing the same pajamas she’s been in almost non stop for weeks and covered in pretzel crumbs while drinking a beer at 10:00am. She’s such an unsexy lump now that it’s hard to get more than a one word response out of her but your offer of sex garners a scowl, grunt and “shut up, I’m trying to watch TV.” So you leave her alone and head off to your “office” which is just what you call the bathroom when you go in there to jerk off to girly mags since your wife won’t fuck you. You turn on the radio to cover the sound of your pathetic beating off but before you can get started your attention is grabbed by a commercial on the radio.

“Hey Fellas, is the Honeymoon over in your home? Has your wife gone a little… frumpy?” Suddenly they have your full attention and they are selling a product called “Dr. Boner’s Magical Wife De-Frumping Elixir” guaranteed to work for only $19.99 so what do you have to lose? You order a bottle and a few weeks later when it arrives you pour it into your lazy wife’s beer. At first her guard is up because she doesn’t approve of beer in a glass and wonder’s why it’s not in a can, but her love of beer overpowers her suspicion and she drinks it down. Soon she starts to feel a bit… funny. She convulses and starts making faces and moving her head beyond her control and with a flash of light and a blur of vision she magically transforms right in front of your eyes into a sexy, horny, naked sex- version of herself. Her attitude is completely different, she’s hot and horny for you and also super attractive and when she jumps down on her knees and pulls out your cock to start sucking it you can’t believe how well the elixir worked. She sucks on your cock with more intensity and skill than she ever exhibited before, even in the dating years. Then she bends over the couch and demands you fuck her from behind. You slide your cock into her pussy and fuck her hard until you’re ready to come and when you do she hops back down to her knees and jerks your full load into her mouth and swallows it. It’s the best sex you’ve ever had with your wife and you can’t believe it. But then the potion wears off and the old wife comes back. She is disgusted with the taste of your jizz in her mouth and what she’s wearing. She feels her crotch and knows you’ve just had sex and now she’s angry! She doesn’t know how you did it but she grabs the remote and sits back down to the couch and demands you bring her a fresh beer or you’ll never hear the end of it.

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