Dava Foxx – Sibblings with Benefits

From: Bare Back Studios

Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Brunette, BLOWJOB, FUCKING, SUPERHEROINES, Cosplay, Cum in mouth, Hairy Bush, Eye Glasses, MILF

Scene One: Good Intentions

Dava was fired from her Nursing Job today. She comes home and sits next to her brother. As she explains her daily duties, Dava pulls down her Brother’s shorts and begins to give him a blow job. She explains this was the first thing she do every day at work and not much else. Her Brother is in shock but made no attempts to stop her.

Brother cums in her mouth and Dava swallows as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Dava then asks if Brother can help her get a job. Brother agrees and tells Dava to apply for Sexy French Nurse position tomorrow.

Scene Two: The Interview

The following day Dava enters the room as a sexy maid. Shortly into the interview, Dava cleans her supportive Brother’s cock, with some sexy rimming involved too. Fucking ensues and Dava is given a creampie. Dava asks if she got the job but her Interviewer said there are plenty more applicants interviewing for the position.

Scene Three: Captured Officer

Handcuffed and abused, Officer Dava is captured by an escaped convict. He needs the code for the front gate so he can escape. Dava is not talking but her mouth is full and she cannot speak.

The Con fucks and threatens her life unless she talks. Dava relents and gives up the codes. Brother breaks character and says she gave up too soon and should try another career.

Scene Four: Robyn Wants More

Robyn has a chat with Bruce Wayne. She wants more work and is tired of living in Batman’s Shadow. Robyn is willing to do whatever it takes to become a Super Hero!

Bruce exposes her breasts and then bends her over to suck his cock. Robyn is bent over and fucked from behind. Bruce then has Robyn service is cock before fucking her rudely on the couch. Bruce puts Robyn on her knees, on the floor and finishes on her tongue. Robyn swallows every drop, Bruce hands her the keys to the Bat Mobile and says she is now ready…

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