Danielle Maye – I Need Your Big Huge Dick HD 1080p

I’d like a homewreck/cock worship style clip where you are one of my wife’s friends. We catch each other upstairs at a family party and you know this is your chance to finally have my cock.

you’re dressed in a tight slutty dress with little to the imagination and thigh high boots. We’ve been flirting for years and you know I’ve fancied you for ages and always cant take my eyes off your slutty outfits. So much so you reference the time you offered to fuck me in the toilets in Sorrento at Chris and Jenna’s wedding. We couldn’t go through with it then but ever since you’ve been craving my cock.

You talk a lot about really worshipping me and my cock whilst belittling Rebecca my wife. Rebecca’s been bragging to the girls about my cock for years and you’ve all been wondering, now you finally have an opportunity to have a real mans dick. when you see it you tell me how my dicks so much better than Richard’s (your ex boyfriend). you know you’re so much sexier than Rebecca you could satisfy me so much better than she can.

She’s so fat and unfit, you don’t know how i can fuck her but you guess its because im thinking of you whilst fucking her. You want me and you to get together and for me to leave Rebecca, you’d even take on the family. You dont care about how much hassle is involved you just want me and my cock. You suck and fuck my cock with me spunking in your pussy. you finish by gathering a little of my spunk on your finger and rubbing it on your lips telling me that your going to greet Rebecca and tell me that you hope i’ve gotten you pregnant and fuck the consequences..

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