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A Compilation of my favorite naughty taboo Daddy clips

Clips are as follows…….

Catching Daddy Wanking

What about you come home from school/college and you walk in and catch me wanking? Act a bit shocked at first and a bit coy, sitting down and saying you’ve never seen a hard cock before and asking to see mine again. Tell my it is exciting you and ask me to show you what I was doing and then go on to encourage me to stroke and wank my cock. slightly parting your legs on the sofa/chair to give me an unknowing glimpse of your panties whilst you then run your hands seductively up over your clothes and caress your breasts. Respond hesitatingly to my request to see your breasts by eventually taking your sweater off and unbuttoning your blouse. Release those lovely tits and asking me if I like them and, as you play with your nipples, if I’d like to suck on them. Respond to my question about whether you masturbate – by repeating it back to the camera and me – and looking a bit shy and embarrassed as you answer by saying no you don’t know how and asking tentatively if I could show you how to. Sitting back, as if under my guidance, you open your legs wider asking me if I like your panties and, as you stroke your pussy over them, asking if I’d like to cum over them – continue to use Daddy throughout – whilst encouraging me to wank my stiff cock. Ask me if I’d like to see your pussy and then pull your panties to one side to show me as you gently touch and part your lips and rub your clit. Lift one leg up to the sofa first, bent fully at the knee, with legs spread widely and start to rub your pussy harder and faster, encouraging me to wank and cum. Tell me when you’re getting closer and closer to cumming and encourage me to cum with you. Tell me when you’re going to cum and, as you start cumming looking straight into the camera at me and tell me to cum over your panties and your pussy. Slowly recover commenting on all my spunk and saying you hope that we can do it again.

Daddy Loves Stockings

You’re my daughter a you call me to your room because you want to show me something. You greet me with a very cheeky Hello Daddy. You’re posed on your bed in a way to max my view of your legs and dressed as we discussed earlier. You start running your hands up and down your legs and ask me if I like your outfit. And you tell me that you want to be daddy’s special little girl. I get flushed and ask what do you think you’re doing. You tell me that you’re showing me how much I’m going to enjoy you being my special little girl. And part of being daddy’s special little girl means that you get to use daddy’s credit card. Of course I object. Then you tell me you know all about daddy’s leg, stocking, heel fetish because of what you found on my computer. You then start to tease me hard crossing, dangling and running your hands in and out of your stocking tops. all the while running your tongue over your lips and asking for my credit card. I finally give in and give you my card. Then you tell me that since I gave you what you want, daddy’s little girl is going to give daddy what he wants. You tell me to unzip my pants and start to stroke to your silky legs and high heels while you pose them. It’s our little secret, mommy and little brother will never know. You talk really dirty to me about how you know how much I want to cum on your stocking legs and heels and that you’re going to make daddy so very happy. And you do.

Daddy Teaches Me

Daddy’s caught me! I was checking myself out in some sexy Lingerie before heading to some guys house. I had to confess, there was no way out of it. I told him I wanted to satisfy him and make him think I was cool, but I’d never done it before! Daddy told me mummy was really good at blow jobs so he knows I will be, he even offered to show me how to do it quickly before I go out! I have the best daddy ever

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