Cory Chase, Nikki Brooks in Three Doses of Cum HD 720p

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Scene One: Step-Sister Secrets

Nikki can’t recognize the woman she’s seeing in the mirror. “I’m aging by the second” She says on the verge of tears. In desperation she calls her step-sister over to keep herself from having a panic attack. Cory rushes over and Nikki pleads with her asking how Cory stays so young looking. “Please tell me your secret” She says with tears in her eyes.

Nervously Cory tells her. “It’s young cum on my face” She says in shame. “Some girls do better swallowing or rubbing on their tits” Cory continues. Nikki isn’t convinced but she’s so desperate she’ll try anything at this point. Even more embarrassing it’s Cory’s step-son who’s giving her the cum. “What if we worked on a plan” Nikki says and starts licking her sisters tits. Their sons will have no idea what hit them when Nikki and Cory come for their cum.

Scene Two: Rubbing it in

I get called into my step-mom’s room and I’m immediately frozen. What’s she wearing! “I was thinking we could do something fun today? How about that new arcade?” She asks me. I get so excited thinking about it but then she tells me she’s too sad to go. “What can I do to make you happy?” I ask her.

Nervously she tells me that she needs me to give her my cum. I’m half confused half terrified as she tells me to lay down. Her soft hands wrap around me and she strokes slowly up and down. She pulls down her lingerie and lets me touch her big tits as my cock gets rock hard. Her loving gaze into my eyes as she strokes faster and faster. A strange feeling comes over me and I cum into my step-mom’s hand. She rubs it all over her tits and tells me to get ready for the arcade.

Scene Three: Creampie

“Do you see a difference?” Nikki asks her step-sister as she pops off her bra. The girls talk about their bodies and how cum will make all the difference. “Maybe you need an internal injection” Cory says. That’s when they call me into the room.

I almost walk right back out as I see my step-mother and aunt mostly naked in their bedroom. Cory helps encourage my step-mother and me as they lay me down on the bed. I gasp slightly as step-mom pulls out my cock and runs her hot body over me. Warm, soft and wet, I feel so comforted as she slides me inside of her. Moaning and bouncing step-mommy rides on top of me so hard and fast. My vision goes white and I shake all over as I cum inside my step-mom. She lifts her legs in the air and lets the cum soak deep inside of her.

Scene Four: Facial

Nikki feels like it might be working but she’s not sure. Maybe if they tried putting cum on Nikki’s face. Cory helps her step-sister as they call me into the room

“I need you to put your cum right here on step-mommy’s face” She whispers to me. Step-Mom makes me hard before getting on all fours and guiding me in. As I thrust back and forth my aunt strips off her clothes and starts to rub herself. So lost in ecstasy, Nikki presses her face into her sisters pussy and licks, letting the fucking move her mouth over the tasty pussy. “Oh yes!” Cory moans as my step-mom’s pussy gets tighter and tighter. I pull out at the last second and shoot my cum all over my step-mom’s face. “Such a good boy” She smiles at me as cum covers her. She rubs the cum onto her face and loves every fucking second of it.

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