Cory Chase, Nikki Brooks in Step Sister Christmas HD 720p

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Dressed as a naughty elf and sexy Santa, sisters Nikki and Cory sit down to relax with a few drinks. Everyone is going to be gawking at them during the party tonight and they will fucking love being the center of attention. “Would you like to unwrap your gift?” Nikki whispers as she spreads her legs and shows off her tight red panties. Cory melts at the thought of fucking her slutty step-sister and loses all control.

They worship each others tits, sucking and squeezing with soft whispers of happiness. Nikki slides her step-sister’s panties down with her teeth and lets Cory ride her face. Cory wants to taste her present and lays Nikki on the couch legs open. Diving in she feels Nikki wiggle under her lapping tongue. 69ing the girls can’t get enough of each other and cum on their step-sister’s face. “Oops where’s your outfit!” Nikki giggles as she grabs Cory’s clothes and runs away laughing.

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