Cory Chase, Nikki Brooks in Free Use Step Mom – Multi-Milfverse – Vol 6: Stuck in a Time Loop HD 720p (2022)

Stuck on Step Sister-

Cory Chase walks into the bedroom after hearing strange noises coming from the hallway. She walks over to the closet and she finds Nikki Brooks stuck in the closet! Nikki is wearing a light pink dress as Cory pulls her out of the closet. Cory opens up a portal which leads to the Multi MILFverse, and the two MILF’s walk through! They both come out on the other side, and Nikki’s dress switches to a short, white dress! It doesn’t take long for Nikki to lean towards Cory and kiss her face and her tits. Nikki pulls Cory’s mint green bra and panties off, and then Nikki kisses her step-sister’s body from head to toe. Cory spreads her legs for her step-sister to eat her pussy out. Nikki eats Cory’s pussy out until Cory cums hard in her mouth! Then Cory returns the favor and shoves her head in between Nikki’s legs. After they both have an orgasm, they kiss each other passionately on the lips.

Stuck in my Bed-

My step-mom, Nikki, walks into my bedroom and she starts searching through my closet. She is snooping around my room when she decides to hop on my bed and look around. She ends up getting her hands stuck in between my bed frame, and quite frankly, it serves her right for snooping! I (Luke Longly) ask her what she’s doing in my room and she tells me that she was looking for something when she got stuck. I get behind her and I try to pull her out… I suggest that it might be easier to pull her out if I take her panties off first. She agrees and I quickly yank them off of her body. I take my hard cock out from under my shorts and I rub it against her ass cheeks. My step-mom has an idea! She tells me that I can stick the tip of my cock in her pussy, to create a suction cup and maybe it will suction her out! I shove my cock deep inside of her pussy and I keep fucking her to try and loosen her up. I end up getting her hands freed, but I haven’t cum yet and she wants to be a good step-mom and make sure I finish! She lies down on the bed and I start to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. It doesn’t take long for me to finish, as I explode deep inside of my step-mom’s pussy! Then she jumps up and runs off to take a shower…

Stuck in the Couch-

A portal opens up, and Nikki and Cory appear. Nikki believes that she’s going back home to her mansion, but she ends up in a smaller home instead! Nikki starts to panic and Cory tries to calm her down, saying that they must have accidentally ended up in the wrong universe. Nikki starts to search through the couches, looking for something. She ends up getting her hands stuck in the couch again! She cries out ‘Luke!!!’ and I came running to her rescue. My step-mom tries to get me to pull her out, but it’s not working! I end up shoving my cock inside of her pussy, to try and create a suction cup effect! It works pretty well and I get her hands freed in no time! She wants to help me finish off again, so she lies down on the couch and I keep fucking her pussy in the missionary position. After I cum, Nikki finds the portal fluid she was looking for in the couch! She grabs the green liquid and she gives it to Cory so she can re-charge her device that opens up the portal. Unfortunately, it was the wrong portal fluid and Nikki is not back home in her mansion just yet!

Stuck under the Bed-

Nikki gets naked and she climbs on top of the bunk beds, searching for the portal fluid to get back home! She ends up sticking her head underneath the bed and she gets herself stuck again! She cries out and I come running to help her. I take my cock and I shove it inside of her pussy, since it worked as a suction cup the other day! I fuck her pussy in the doggystyle position until I get her unstuck! She hops on the bed and she lets me continue to fuck her. When I am ready to cum, I jerk my cock off all over her face! After I cum on her face, she receives the portal fluid! She grabs it and runs off to give it to Cory, so she can get back home to the right universe!

Step Stuck-

Nikki hands Cory the portal fluid, and she hopes that this will take her home! Unfortunately it is the wrong portal fluid again, and Nikki is still stuck in the smaller house! The two step-sister’s start to search through the last bedroom, to see if they can finally find the correct portal fluid. Nikki puts her hands behind the bed frame and she gets her hands stuck! She warns Cory not to shove her hands in the bed frame because she is concerned that she will get her hands stuck as well. Cory is able to get herself unstuck, but Nikki doesn’t have the same luck. Cory moves over to Nikki’s side of the bed and she sits underneath Nikki’s pussy and ass. Cory starts to eat her step-sister’s tight holes out, to try and get her unstuck! I walk into the bedroom and I ask the two MILF’s what they’re doing in here. I decided to join in and help my step-mom get unstuck. I shove my cock deep inside of my step-mom’s pussy. It doesn’t take long for me to get her unstuck! Now that she’s free, she spreads her legs on the bed for Cory to eat her pussy out. While Cory is going down on her step-sister, I am fucking Cory from behind. I keep fucking Cory’s pussy from behind, until I get close to cumming. Then I jerk my cock off into Cory’s mouth and she swallows all of my cum! Hopefully Nikki can finally get back home now…

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