Cory Chase, Molly Jane in Step-Daughter Saves Our Marriage HD 720p

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Scene One: Peace maker

Molly’s parents have been fighting non-stop. She has even heard them talk about getting a divorce. As Molly’s step-dad goes to leave she stops him. He tells her that he is going out to find someone who will fuck him since her step-mom wont.

If he stays, she will suck him. He is shocked by her, but can’t move when she takes off her top and rubs his pants. Her big eyes show that she will do anything to save her parents marriage and she gets on her knees and sucks her fathers cock. Her smile shows that she knows exactly what she’s doing. Her mouth makes him cum and she swallows his cum. Step-Dad walks off and Molly thinks how she has a few more days with Step-Dad in the house.

Scene Two: Going to the movies

Cory is talking to her husband on the couch about going to see a romantic comedy. He tells her that he would rather stay at home. Cory leaves in a pissed off mood. Molly overhears and tells her step-dad that she will fuck him if he goes.

She strips off her clothes and puts his cock in her mouth. She sucks him rock hard then places her big breasts in his face and her pussy on his dick. They fuck on the couch step-dad putting all his frustration into his thrusts.

Step-Mom returns but Molly and Step-Dad cover up the action with her Skirt. Step-Mom Questions why Molly is on her Step-Daddy’s lap and Step-Dad States Molly is just helping him with Marriage counseling. Step-Mom looks suspicious but leaves go to the movies alone…

Molly and Step-Dad wait for Step-Mom to pull out of the driveway and go back to fucking…“Oh god step-daddy” she screams. She orgasms from the warm cum her step-dad shoots inside her. He leaves his step-daughter a happy girl and goes to tell Cory he’s sorry.

Scene Three: Early morning step-daughter

Molly’s step-dad comes home very early after being out all night. Cory will be pissed at him unless Molly can cover for him. He slips into bed with his half naked step-daughter and it doesn’t take long for him to start rubbing her pussy. They hold each other and start to fuck. Her loud moans are uncontrollable with her step-mom napping just next door.

Step-Dad lubes up his step-daughter’s ass and slides in his cock. She asks him what he’s doing and he responds that his wife never lets him fuck her ass. “Fuck me step-daddy” she cries. The feeling is too much for Molly and she cums on his shaft fucking her ass.

Scene Four: Step-Mom Knows

Cory finds out her step-daughter has been fucking her husband. Tying Molly up to the bed she decides to have some fun as well. She licks and teases her step-daughter making her moan. “no this isn’t right” Molly pleads with her step-mom. Cory just continues making her struggle against the pleasure.

Finally untying her Molly is incredibly turned on and passionately kisses her step-mom. She licks Cory’s pussy and fingers her fast making Cory cum hard. “that’s my good little girl” Cory says and with a kiss they leave the room.

Scene Five: I want my step-daughter’s ass

Cory is out for the day and step-dad calls Molly into the bedroom. With some of Cory’s lingerie on the bed he wants his step-daughter to put it on for him. She does as she is told, dressing and sucking on his cock.

Throwing her on the bed he fucks her as she moans “oh step-daddy fuck me” He then fucks her tight ass making her moan with pleasure. She loses count how many times her step-daddy makes her cum. He shoots his load over her perfect face and she licks and sucks every last delicious drop. Molly should consider being a marriage counselor.

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