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Secret Desire For Dad

My mom, Melanie, is sitting in the living room when I walk in and decide to confess a secret to her. I tell her how I want to fuck my dad and I hope she will give me permission to have sex with him. She tells me that she’ll allow me to fuck my dad, only if I go down on her first. I agree with that, because I really want to fuck my dad so badly! Melanie pulls my shirt down and she notices how big my tits are. She tells me that my dad is going to love playing with my big tits! Melanie pulls her big tits out from under her dress next. After a few minutes of kissing and licking her nipples, I made my way down to her pussy. I slowly start to lick and suck on my mom’s clit. She begins to moan louder and louder until she cums hard in my mouth. After she cums, Melanie starts to rub my clit with her fingers while she kisses me. She licks my nipples and rubs my clit, until I cum for her. Then she tells me that I am allowed to go have fun with my dad now!

Aunt Cory Wants To Taste Bess

I am putting a puzzle together in the living room, when my Aunt Cory walks into the room. She starts telling me how pretty I am and then she asks me if I am attracted to women at all. I tell her that yes, I am attracted to women as well as men! My aunt Cory asks me if the two of us can have some fun together and keep this a secret. I tell her that I will keep it a secret, and I start to pull my tits out from under my clothes. My aunt Cory is so turned on by seeing me naked; She starts to lick my nipples before she stands up and strips out of her clothes as well. Cory gets on top of me and she starts to kiss my lips down to my nipples down to my pussy. When she gets to my pussy, she starts to lick and suck on my clit. It feels so good! All of a sudden, my mom, Melanie, walks into the room and she catches us! Melanie doesn’t want to feel left out, so we tell her to join us. The three of us start to kiss each other and eat each other’s pussies out. Melanie is eating Cory out, while Cory eats me out. Once Cory and I cum, Cory suggests that I eat Melanie’s pussy out until she cums… since it’s only fair! I do what I’m told, and I go down on my mom.

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