Cory Chase, Karma RX – Step-Daughter Share’s her Love with Step-Mommy HD 1080p

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Happily napping the morning away, Cory is so peaceful. Her step-daughter slowly opens the door and snuggles next to her. “I want to rest with you step-mommy” She whispers. As Karma snuggles her hand reaches around and rests on her step-mom’s big tits. Softly Karma begins to kiss her step-mom’s neck whispering “I love you so much step-mom” She can feel herself become wet as she pushes the boundaries.

“I love you too sweety” Cory says half resting. Karma’s hand slides down and touches her step-mother’s pussy. “You’re my step-daughter” Cory says, trying to stop herself from making out. She’s confused but her body takes over, letting her step-daughter take command. Karma presses her warm tongue against her step-mother’s hot pussy and licks. With a gasp Cory cums, knowing what’s happening is so wrong but only wanting to orgasm. She kisses her step-daughter’s wet lips telling her how much she loves her. “You’re so beautiful” Karma says unable to control herself as her step-mom licks her and makes her have the best orgasm of her life. Snuggling back together they go to rest cradled in each others arms.

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