Cory Chase, Jazmine Cruz – My Step Moms Hot Friend (Part 1-3)

My First Free Use
I (Luke Longly) walk into my bedroom, and I find my step-mom’s friend Jazmine Cruz lying down on my bed. Jazmine is wearing a matching pink bra and panty set, and I am confused as to what she is doing here! She introduces herself as my step-mom’s friend and she tells me that she’s bored and she wants to hang out with me. She pulls her pink bra off and she tells me that I’m allowed to touch her big, natural tits. I ask her to take her panties off next, and she does as she’s told. She spreads her pussy lips for me, so I can see how tight her pussy is! She pulls my cock out next, and she starts to give me a blowjob. Once my cock is nice and hard, she lies down on her back and I start to fuck her MILF pussy in the missionary position. A few minutes later, she flips over into the doggystyle position and I fuck her tight pussy from behind. I pull out of her pussy and I tell her that I want to finish this later…

Do You Think I am Sexy
Jazmine hops out of the shower and she wants to know if I find her to be attractive. I can’t help but notice her huge, natural tits… and I, of course, find those to be attractive! She wants me to prove to her that I find her sexy, so she gets down on her knees and she starts to give me a blowjob. Once my cock is hard, Jazmine leans against the sink and I start to fuck her pussy from behind. I continue to fuck Jazmine’s pussy in bathroom, until I cum deep inside of her! After I cum, I suggest to her that maybe next time we fuck, it can be a threesome with my step-mom Cory Chase…

I Want a Creampie
Jazmine and Cory are sitting completely naked, next to each other on my step-mom’s bed. Jazmine confesses to Cory that she’s been secretly fucking Luke while she’s been staying at Cory’s house! Cory isn’t upset at all… in fact, she wants to hear all the dirty details! Cory and Jazmine start to kiss each other, and that’s when I enter the bedroom. Cory tells me that I need to creampie Jazmine this time! Jazmine starts to suck my cock while Cory eats Jazmine’s pussy out at the same time. Now that my step-mom has gotten Jazmine’s pussy nice and wet, I am able to slide my cock into her pussy so easily. Jazmine gets into the doggystyle position next and I fuck her pussy from behind. I ask the two MILF’s to get into the 69 position, and while they’re eating each other’s pussies out, I am also fucking Jazmine’s pussy at the same time. Jazmine hops on top of my cock next, and she starts to ride me. I continue to fuck Jazmine’s tight pussy until I am ready to cum. Then I explode inside of her pussy and all over her pussy! Cory wants to taste my cum, so she licks it up!

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