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Cory Never Forgets

I walk into the living room to find my step-mom only wearing a hot Bra and Pantie set with some very sexy stockings. She reminds me that she never forgets anything and this is all for me! Nolonger do I need to undress her with my eyes, I can undress her with my hands.

But first, she drops to her knees and pulls out my already hard cock! Cory jerks and strokes my cock and takes care of it like my cock is having a birthday too! As a bonus, I get all of her holes, even the backside.

Step-mom even does a slow strip tease before letting me fuck her, she is so hot, I hope I can last long enough to please her! I pull off her panties and get ready to slide into her holes…Which one should I go in first?!?! Don’t know but I am going in her ass today!

Straight From My Ass to My Mouth

Waiting on My step-mom’s bed, I watch her from behind as she puts some lip gloss on. She turns around and teases me with her amazing MILF body. How does she still do it at her age?!?! Who cares, I am going to fuck all her holes again and this time fill her beautiful mouth with my fat load of cum!

I was certainly not expecting her to ride my cock and go from pussy to ass. She was bouncing on my cock with it up her ass. So freaking hot! Step mom is an amazing Milf!

Just before I cum, my cock goes back and forth from her pussy to ass and then ass to pussy. My step-mom is a dirty slut so I am treating her like one. My Dirty cock comes out of her dirty ass and I drop a huge load of cum in her mouth. She cleans off my cock with her tongue and swallows every drop. She doesn’t care where my cock just was, she wants the delicious cream filling…Now it’s time for some birthday cake!

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