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I Get her Ass First

Step Mom Cory is reading the news. The eviction moratorium has been lifted and we must pay 10 months back rent. Cory does not have $15,000 for the back rent and I am not giving her my college money. She must figure out how to pay her debts some other way…

She asked a strange question, if I would mind if she did anything to pay the debts, I did not care what she did…Cory brings up being an Escort for payment and needed my help to get started. Step Mom has the body for it and I wanted to help her out. Can’t believe she wanted to clear this with me first, but she has to do whatever it takes.

Later that day… Step Mom is going on her first date and wanted me to pick out the perfect outfit. She is only wearing a Robe and nothing else. What a body she has! She tries on the outfits and wants to fuck me first. If Step Mom is going to be a paid whore, I should get to fuck her first! She even wanted anal on the first date with back and forth, wow, Step Mom is the best!!!

Fuck bother her holes till I am ready to cum and then she drops on her knees and swallows every drop!

Step Mom Always Cums Home to Me

The next Morning Step Mom walks into my room and tells me all about her night. She picked up an extra date so she fucked three guys last night. I wanted to be the last one and she is a woman of her word! Cory crawls into my bed for an amazing morning blowjob before I fuck her ass and pussy again! She goes over everything that happened as she sucks my cock, this should be a turn off but she is sucking MY cock now, so it’s okay. Just hope she brushed her teeth before walking into my room.

Straight to the ass, no questions, just straight to her ass. Not that I mind but I thought she would want a warm up first. Nope, right in her ass and then back and forth from pussy to ass. She wants me to cum in her mouth again but go straight from her ass and pump all my cum into her mouth. I do what she said, fuck her ass hard and then shoot all my cum down here throat! Like a good anal cum loving slut she swallows everything!

One more weekend like that and she will have all our debts paid off!

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