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Butt First Coffee

Walking into the kitchen ready to have a bowl of Fruit Circles and Milk, I find step-mom Cory wearing something very inappropriate for the time of day. Looks like she wants to have coffee and possibly something else. Her big stepmom tits are hanging out and she wants to have some Coffee but I think she wants something a bit more.

She wants to drink it black but also wants me to give her some extra cream in her coffee. She notices the way I look at her when she is wearing her tiny bikinis by the pool and possibly peaked on her when she was taking a shower. I denied this of course but she knows what happened. Step mom Sits down with her Large Cup of coffee and wants to talk about the first thing that pops up. I do see what the first thing that pops out is! That is step-mom’s Huge Tits!!!

Cory leans back on the bar chair and spreads her legs. She invites me to use both her holes and I do. Back and forth from pussy to ass and then ass to pussy. What a champ my slutty step-mom is! I cum into her mouth and she walks it over to her coffee cum. She spits it out and mixes the cream into her coffee. Not something I would normally do but That is what step-mom wanted…

Top 5 Reasons to Fuck Your Step step-mom

I did not know there were any reasons to fuck my step-mom but Cory gave me 5 reasons to fuck her. Not going to lie either, all reasons are completely agreeable. Number Five is certainly the best, “Anal”!

We move to the kitchen where StepMom is on her knees sucking my cock. She edged me just long enough to get me ready to fuck her ass again. Can’t forget about her pussy, so I go back and forth from ass to pussy and then her mouth some more. Conveniently the dinner table is the perfect height for ass to pussy fucking!

StepMom wanted to try something different this time, She let me fuck her till I was about to cum. Just as I was ready to cum, she dropped to her knees and stroked my cock till I came all over her face and mouth. She quickly swallowed the cum that landed on her tongue and then politely cleaned the remaining jizz and placed it into her mouth. She did not waste a drop and swallowed that all too! Bet I can think of a couple more reasons to fuck my step-mom!!!

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