Cory Chase, Elana Bunnz – Free Use Step Aunt Christmas HD 720p (2022)

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Elana Bunnz and Cory Chase are wearing slutty Christmas outfits as they giggle next to the Christmas tree. They walk upstairs towards Luke’s bedroom, so they can play with their step-son! Luke Longly looks at Cory and he asks her if Elana knows that I’ve fucked Cory before. ‘Of course she knows!’ Cory giggles. Elana pulls out her big tits, and Cory helps Elana strip out of her slutty Santa costume. Once Elana is completely naked, she and Cory get down on their knees in front of Luke’s cock. They start to give him a double blowjob to get his cock nice and hard. Once he is hard, Elana lies down on her back and he starts to fuck her pussy in the missionary position. After a few minutes, Elana flips over into the doggystyle position and Luke fucks her pussy from behind. After he fucks her from behind, Cory sucks his cock and swallows all of his cum! Then Cory kisses her step-sister Elana, so they can both taste his cum!

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‘Where is your step-sister?’ Luke asks his step-mom Cory. Cory informs her step-son that Elana is waiting for him inside of the guest bedroom down the hall. Luke walks down the hall and enters the room where Elana is lying in the middle of the bed. She starts to finger her pussy in front of Luke and you can hear how wet she is! She starts to suck his cock next, and she makes sure to give him a sloppy, wet blowjob before she bends over in the doggystyle position. He shoves his cock deep inside of his step Aunt and he keeps fucking her pussy from behind. She flips over on to her back next and I love watching her big tits bounce up and down as I fuck her! I slowly pump my cock in and out of her pussy in the missionary position, until I am done using her pussy. Until later…

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Luke walks into his step-mom’s bedroom and he finds his step-mom and step Aunt sitting on the bed. They are both wearing slutty lingerie; Elana’s is blue, and Cory’s lingerie is red. They start to kiss each other as they tell Luke to come join them on the bed. They crawl over towards his cock and they start to give him a double blowjob. He tells them both to take off their panties and get into the doggystyle position in front of him. They do as they’re told and they shake their asses in Luke’s face. He fucks their pussy’s back and forth, switching between his step-mom and his step Aunt. While Luke’s cock is deep inside of Cory, Elana sits on top of Cory’s face so Cory can eat her pussy out at the same time she is getting fucked. Then Elana and Cory switch places, and Luke fucks Elana’s pussy while Cory sits on Elana’s face. He fucks them both in the doggystyle position next, and he loves staring at their asses while he fucks them. Elana lies down on her back and Luke slowly pumps his cock in and out of her pussy until he gets close to cumming. Then he jerks his cock off into his Step Aunt Elana’s mouth and all over her face!

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