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This is the full and complete series of Beach Changing Room With My Stepmom, this series stars Cory Chase. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Changing Room Dressing Room Fitting Room Voyeur Spying Stripping JOI Masturbation CFNM Handjob Topless Blowjob Deepthroat Hardcore Creampie Sex Series, you can now buy all 5 parts here at once for a discount!

Part 1
Cory Chase

Part 2
It was satuday and my new stepmom Cory found me in the kitchen and asked me if i still wanted to go to the beach today. last week she invited me to the beach with her and we ended up sharing a changing room, yep i got naked with my sexy stepmom! well kinda she told me to cover my eyes while she changed, she told me not to peek but i did! once she had her suit on she turned around while i changed. being naked just a few feet from my stepmom was so hot. so when she asked me today if i wanted to the beach with her i nearly jumped out of my seat to say yes! once we got to the beach we realized how crazy packed it was but we still wanted to lay out, so we got in line for the changing room. once we made it inside the changing room she told me to close my eyes while she changed. she tease me about no peeking, i said i wasn’t but i really was. once she finshed changing she turned around so i could changed into my swim trunks. i dropped my pants and realized i had a problem, my dick was rock solid and i could pull my trunks up over them. i told her i ad a guy problem and she asked if she could turn around and see, i say sure. she turned around and her eyes locked onto my cock. she was stunned/shocked/ and i think kind of excited. i cant say that for sure but her eyes did linger on my dick for a heartbeat longer then a stepmom should. i asked her what i should do since sometimes it take 10-15 minutes for it to go down on its own. she tried to look around the room while she thought of something but her eyes kept locking back on my dick. we could hear all the people right outside the changing room waiting for there turns to use it. she picked up her lotion and gave it to me, she told me i should just take care of it the natural way. she told me she would watch the door while i masturbated. i asked her if she was serious about me jerking off with her in the tent with me, she said she could step out if i wanted but she was afraid people would see. so while she bent over to peak out the slit in the door way while i jerked off behind her. look at Corys perfect ass was all i needed and before long i was ready to cum, she told me to just finish on the towel. once i was done cumming my dick was bale to fit into my trunks. we got dressed and headed out to the beach. i cant wait for beach day next week!

Part 3
It was Saturday morning and i was just relaxing on the couch when my stepmom Cory walked in. she asked me if i was ready for another beach day, i jumped to my feet and said hell yeah. she giggled at me and told me to grab my trunks and meet her in the car! once we got to the beach is was really crowded like normal so we would have to share a changing room. i tried to act upset but the idea of stripping naked with my hot stepmom in the room was kinda hot. we got in line for the changing room, after what felt like forever we made it to the front of the line and went into our changing room. like every time she changed first and i pretended to cover my eyes but i really didn’t. i loved watching her take her clothes off, her body really is perfect. once she had her bikini on she turned around to face the wall and told me to get changed. like last time my dick was rock hard and i couldn’t pull my shorts up over it. i told her i had the same problem again, she didn’t turn around, she told me to grab the lotion and take care of it. right after she said that someone outside in the line yelled for all the people in different dressing rooms to hurry up! i told Cory i didn’t mind taking care of it myself again but it takes me a long time and the people outside weren’t gonna wait. i acted really panicked and asked what i should do. she looked thoughtful for a second and then said what if she helped me take care of it. i couldn’t believe my luck, i tried my best to sound scared when i said yes. she got a handful of lotion, dropped to her knees and started jerking me off. having the crowed of angry people outside didn’t faze me one bit as i watched my bikini clad stepmom jerk me to completion. once i came we got our thing and went to layout on the sand.

Part 4
Today when me and my stepmom Cory got into the beach changing room we followed our routine. the beach was packed as usual so we just decided to change together. i pretended to cover my eyes while cory got changed and of course i watched the whole thing, her body is so perfect. she told me she was all changed, she turned around and told me to get my trunks on. like normal u made sure my dick was hard and told her i was having the same problem as before. i asked her if she had the lotion and if she could help me like she did last week. she said she would but she left the lotion at home, i acted panicked and asked what i was suppose to do. i couldn’t fit my hard dick in my shorts and could jerk off without lube without hurting myself. we heard people yelling from outside the changing room telling us to hurry. Cory looked thoughtful for a second then once again swore me to silence, after that she told med she would use her mouth if i wanted. i agreed then she dropped to her knees and started giving me the best head id ever had. after a couple minutes i was still holding back from cumming because i wanted to have just a little more fun. i told cory i was trying to finish really hard and asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking her top off to help, she agreed and i got to cum in my hot topless stepmoms mouth at a public beach.

Part 5
Today it finally happened!! it was Saturday and my stepmom asked me if i wanted to go to the beach, i said hell yeah! when we got there we had to share a changing room like normal but unlike the other times when my stepmom started to undress she didn’t make me turn around. i got to watch her strip naked and once she was dressed she watch me strip naked to put my trunks on. my dick was so hard like always and i could get my trunks on. she offered to help me with it but i could tell by the look in her eyes that today was going to be different. she sucked my dick for a few minutes while we listent to the people waiting outside complaining about how long we were taking. i got Cory back up to her feet, pulled her bikini off and started fucking her. we go to the beach together every weekend and still fuck in the dressing room!

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