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I just got a new job working at a shitty hotel down by the airport, i wasn’t thrilled but wow did it turn out good for me. i was just coming off my break with i saw neighbor Coco holding hands and walking into a room with a man who wasn’t her husband. the funny thing was it she went into the room with my other neighbor from across the street. i made sure to sneak outside and take some pics and videos through the window! the next day when i got out of school and coco’s husband was still at work i went over to her house to confront her. we made some small talk and then i dropped the bomb on her! first she denied it, then she tried to intimidate me and finally she tied to bribe me. once we got the that faze i told her to follow me into her bedroom to discuss the details. once in there i made it clear to her that if she wanted me to keep my mouth shut and save her marriage she was going to do to me what she did to the man in the hotel room. she reluctantly agreed so first up i made her strip naked, then i told her to suck my dick and finally i made her fuck me till i filled her up with my nut!

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