Clover Baltimore, Coco Vandi – Cheating with My Wife’s BFF SERIES HD 1080p

From: Undercover Sluts

Part 1 — My wife’s BFF is having marriage troubles, and she asked me if we could put her up for a while until she sorts her out. Of course I said yeah, but now that this lady is here, she’s giving me weird vibes. I think she made a pass at me. She’s been walking around the house naked when my wife isn’t around, just trying to get a reaction out of me. Her marriage is probably on the rocks cuz she’s a slut, honestly

Part 2 — Yup, my wife’s friend is a slut. I was right. I don’t want her here anymore. I love my wife. I’m v uncomfortable with her in my house. My wife walked out of the room for 2 minutes to go to sle*p and this bitch is grabbing up on my dick and taking her tits out. I got caught up in the moment and let her give me an oooooooold fashioned. What was I supposed to do?! She’s fucking hot! But goddamn, I’m risking it all. I’m sayin, my wife was 10 yards from me in bed probably looking at her phone and I’m cumming in this girl’s hands. Oh man this is gonna get me in trouble

Part 3 — I woke up this morning with a hard on and Coco was actually willing to break me off a piece of ass before she left for work. Coco got hers but kinda left me hanging as she rushed out. I guess I was kinda lucky, though, cuz her BFF, the girl staying with us was watching the whole time and when Coco was in the shower, ran over to give me a sneak blow job. This chick makes me nervous. It’s a matter of time before I get caught cheating

Part 4 — I came home from work and this slut Clover was waiting in my damn bed NAKED. This crazy bitch is TRYING to get us caught. Whatever… she was begging for it and I thought I could break off a quick one. She sucks dick like a champ and in no time I was balls deep in this trifling slut. Buy yeah, she was riding me and BOOM my wife Coco busts in! She sounded pissed, but the things she was saying… she was into it. Like she knew this girl was gonna come into our home and fuck me. They decided that they’d share my dick like they share everything anyway. So I got to have this two big tittied, big assed Milfs fuck me silly. Coco said I could only cum if I put it all over her BFF’s face, so we put Clover down on her knees and I shot rope after rope of thick cum into her mouth and onto her lips. This girl can stay with us as long as she needs to, for real.

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