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Part 1

Busty Cinthia is the gold-digging girlfriend of an older man from a rich family. When his step-father passes away and only leaves him a watch, she is pissed off. “I was smart to withhold sex for our entire engagement, or I would have got nothing for it,” she exclaims. Her frustrated fiancé wastes no time using the watch to take over her mind, as a way to finally get at her body.

He orders her to strip down to her pantyhose and then commands her to play with her big boobies. Then he starts playing with them. For their whole engagement he never got to see them! Now he finally gets to touch them. Then he moves to her lower body and fondles her ass through her black pantyhose. He rubs her pussy too, also through the hose. Once it’s nice and wet, it’s time for… Part 2. Stay tuned.

Romanian beauty Cinthia Doll has perfectly firm, yet bouncy and squishy large breasts. And her tired “yes masters” are like lullabies.

Part 2

Gold digging Cinthia and her large, Lucious breasts are now under the control of her fiancé Steve thanks to the family heirloom he inherited from his late step-father, a swinging silver pocket watch. Cinthia had been withholding sex throughout their engagement.

Steve commands her to suck his dick. Once he is hard he titty fucks her. He directs her to get her pussy wet by rubbing it with one hand and squeezing her breasts with the other. Then he orders her to mount him, watching her boobs bouncing up and down while she rides his cock. He finishes by spraying an ample load of “liquid gold” all over her ample bosoms. To finish, he instructs her to lick it off her breasts. What a great way to consummate a long engagement.

Romanian wonder Cinthia Doll stars.

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