Cherry Fae – Schoolgirl’s Beautiful Agony HD 1080p

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“Beautiful Agony is the art in videos showing the participant having orgasms, without providing any visual description of what technique is being used or revealing anything below the neck and upper chest.” I’ve wanted to make a Beautiful Agony video for a long time, and I’ve finally made one! This my school girl take on what I consider to be a very erotic technique. It’s not necessarily what you see, but what you hear and what’s expressed! Coming home from class, still in my uniform, I lay on my bed and begin to fantasize about making love to my D addy under the natural lighting of the sun. Working my hand into my soft cotton panties, slowly playing with my clit, making myself wetter & wetter. Opening my shirt and massaging my tender pink nipples, playing with my breasts. Working my fingers into my wet little pussy…gasping, moaning, yearning for that throbbing cock to move into my tender opening. Bringing myself to shudder, shake & cum with pleasure & ecstasy

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