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While babysitting for the Johnson’s, I decided to take a little break and pleasure myself on their bed. Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson came home and surprised me right when I had my hand down my panties! He’s caught me before and he’s really pissed off this time. Luckily, his wife is out of town for the weekend and I decide to offer up my young, sweet pussy to him. Finding it hard to resist fresh snatch, Mr. Johnson eagerly decides to fuck me! I take out his hard cock, giving him a nice & sloppy blow job. I was ready for his cock, but he first offered up his tongue, licking my pussy and clit until I can’t take it anymore. Oops, need to be quiet or we might be heard! Mr. Johnson uses his throbbing tool on my sopping wet slit and plows away into me, both of us bucking our hips in a hard fuck. Next, he slides into me while we’re on our sides and I just can’t stop from cumming all over his cock while he’s deep inside of me. Finally, he can’t take anymore of the pleasure and pulls out, shooting a hot & sticky load all over my pulsing pink pussy! Hope his wife goes out of town again soon

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