Cherie DeVille – Behavior Control Chip HD 720p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Dr. DeVille has finally perfected her behavioral modification chip. Of course her assistant did A LOT of the work, and she calls him in just to let him know that he is fired. He is furious which, Cherie thinks is very amusing. A few of the chip designs that proved to be too “aggressive” in the level of control they have are sitting on the table. Her assistant slaps it on her chest, just the way HE designed it, and it immediately programs her mind for total robotic obedience.

The assistant tests the commands, having her do basic tasks, testing his control. He has her walk, crawl and strip. She states her robotic obedience with every command she is given.

Now that the assistant has tested basic control he moves on the testing her sexual obedience. Cherie is a very obedient robot for her new master.

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