Tattooed Temptress – Daddies birthday treat HD 1080p

Today is Daddies birthday, and I want him to feel so special. I’ve always wanted you to see me naked. Look at the tits and pussy you made daddy. Your good girl just wants to make you horny. I know you want me too. I seduce my daddy, stripping for him. Spank me daddy. I get into trouble on purpose just to have you spank my ass. I suck daddies big juicy cock, then I ride him with my titties bouncing in his face. Only daddy can please my pussy. Then I switch position and ride you reverse cowgirl until you cum after my countdown and creampie my tight pink pussy.


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Jocelyn Baker – MOMMY DRAINS YOU HD 1080p

Mommy found out about your new girlfriend and she is NOT happy about it. Why on earth would you think you’d ever need anyone but Mommy? She expects that you are going to take care of her, and in return she’s more than happy to take care of her sweet boy too. Mommy is going to show you why you don’t need any other girl but her. She unzips your pants and pulls out your hard cock. See? You love when Mommy touches you. Mommy puts you in her mouth and sucks until you release a nice thick load of cum in her mouth. She’s not done yet, though. You need to be drained over and over to realize how good you have it. She keeps sucking until you cum again. Okay, you’re pretty sure you don’t have ANYTHING else to give her but Mommy is cock hungry. She pushes you down on the bed and mounts your cock, slipping your throbbing dick inside her and riding until she cums. You can’t believe you still have another load in you but Mommy makes you feel so good that you explode deep inside her. She lays back and lets you watch all the cum drip out. Now why would you ever need anything else?

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Cory Chase – BBC Championship Season 6th Man

Contract Negotiations-

Cory is meeting with one of the team players, and they’re ready to discuss contract negotiations for the next 10 games. As the coach’s wife, she is ready to do whatever it takes to make sure this player does his absolute best job! ‘As the coach’s wife, I am ready to provide some extra motivation for you…’ Cory tells him. Cory suggests that he go try on the basketball jersey in the other room, and while he is changing, she also changes into a hot pink lingerie set. Cory instructs him to sit down on the table and then she pulls his shorts down to the ground, revealing his huge BBC! ‘You’re going to be a great fit for this team,’ Cory tells him, as she puts his cock in her mouth. After she sucks his cock, she sits down in the missionary position on the table, and he starts to fuck her pussy.

Am I worthy?

A few minutes later, he picks her up and he carries her over to the bed, where they can resume fucking each other. She lies down in the missionary position again, and he continues to fuck her with his BBC. Then she stands up and she moves into the doggystyle position, so he can fuck her pussy from behind. She sucks his cock and licks his cock clean, before she climbs back on top of him and rides his cock in the reverse cowgirl position. She flips over into the cowgirl position and continues to bounce up and down on his BBC. She moves into the 69 position and he eats her pussy out while she is sucking his cock. She lies down in the missionary position again and he fucks her pussy until he is ready to cum. ‘Feed it to me!’ Cory begs. He pulls his cock out of her pussy and he jerks his cock off into her mouth.

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Sun’s out, buns out, right!? Wrong. Kelsey Kane is grounded and she isn’t allowed to go anywhere. But big fuckin’ deal, sneaking out is how she got grounded in the first place. Round two! Kelsey is almost home-free when her stepdad Filthy Rich catches her and sends her directly to her room. Kelsey is clearly bummed out when her stepfather goes to talk to her – big doe eyes and pouty lips all day long. Rich gets to feeling bad about it and decides to let Kelsey have an afternoon of freedom at the beach. Kelsey is ecstatic and can’t contain her happiness. She wants to reward her stepdad and pulls out her perky little tits to show him. Rich is awe-struck and even moreso when Kelsey shows him her nice, juicy ass. She wants to suck her stepdad’s cock to thank him. Rich can’t resist and he begins to push his stepdaughter’s head down on his fat cock. Rich spreads his stepdaughter wide for a deep-dickin and she loves every minute of it, nearly cumming with every thrust. Her pussy is stretched wide open from her stepdad’s thick dick. Rich makes his stepdaughter cum repeatedly before he gives her a facial! Kelsey remains grateful as she slurps up her stepfather’s nut.

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Lollipopo69 – Impregnated by Lisa’s stepdaddy HD 1080p

I just wanted to go to my best friend Lisa to pick her up when I rang the bell and her stepfather opened the door and was really horny for me. He started complimenting me and seducing me, Lsa was still in the bathroom getting ready, then suddenly he took out his cock and I fell to my knees and sucked his big cock. He grabs me really hard so that I moan loudly, then he asks me if I’m taking the pill, I said no, then I’ll get you pregnant now, he said and injected his cum into me. We’ll see soon if I’m pregnant.

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Tattooed Temptress – Bratty Daughter Turns Daddy Into Panties HD 1080p

You’ve been a shitty dad to me and I’m fed up with it, you can shout all you want but no one will hear you. I turned you into my panties. This is what you deserve! I’m going to wear you all day and all night until your dripping in pussy juice and stink. I’m never going to wash you, and you’ll live in my pantie draw until its time for daddy to rub against my pussy ass again.

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Lisey Sweet – Auntie milks my cock HD 720p

It’s been a while since I’ve seen my stepmom’s step-sister, and I forgot how hot my aunt is! She’s a blonde MILF who is nothing like my conservative Step-Mom. When she started to ask me about my college sex life, she put her hand on my leg, and it was pretty much “game on” from that point. She started rubbing my leg and moved her hand over my rapidly hardening cock. “You know I’m the fun Aunt”, she said as she rubbed my cock over my shorts. She told me to lay back on the couch and showed me her perky MILF titties. When she pulled down my pants, I was fully erect. Her hands felt so good on my dick, and her pointy fingernails were so hot! I loved her dirty talk as she stroked up and down, and when she took off the rest of her clothes I was surprised by her hairy bush! I love MILF pussy, and she let me finger her while she kept stroking my cock. It wasnt long before I blasted a huge load of cum all over her hands. It’s going to be great staying with Auntie for a while!

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