Catalina Osa – Step-Daughter Trained to Accept her True Nature

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

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Catalina does not like her step-dad, but she does like to make sure when she’s home alone with him she wears tight and skimpy clothing. He’s tried talking to her about it politely and he’s tried to talk about her all around lack of direction. After all he is an education and career councilor. Today he decides to help Catalina discover her true nature. First is getting her to realize how much she loves to flaunt her young body

Now that Catalina is on the path of discovering who she is, her step-dad makes her realize how much she would love to see his dick, and how much she is going to love looking at it, and, how badly she wants to suck it once she sees it

Catalina has accepted that she never wants to wear clothes when she’s home alone with her step-dad, and the moment he comes into her room she positions herself to give him the best view before begging to suck or at least see his cock. What she never realized until he helps her is how just the site of his dick makes her NEED to masturbate and cum

After cumming, and some pleading, Catalina’s step-dad lets her suck his cock, and helps her realize she wants to be a total slut and eat his ass too

Everything is starting to add up for Catalina, she NEEDS her step-dad to fuck her, DESPERATELY

Now that she is content as a cum covered slut on her knees Catalina can accept her true nature

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