BuniBun – Freaky Taboo Family Christmas HD 1080p

*** THIS IS STRICTLY BROTHER/DADDY ROLEPLAY*** *** SOLO VID*** *** I SAY “DADDY” Alot in this vid*** *** The handjob+BJ scenes are strictly with “my brother” then actual fucking scenes until end are only with “daddy”*** *** There are a few spanks in the last fuck scene*** *** PLOT:*** Its Christmas and your sister is downstairs peeking at the presents late at night, you catch her off guard as you caught her sneaking around looking at the presents. She notices a present that isnt really wrapped with no tag on it and she thinks its for her and wants to take a look at it. When she pulls its out she sees that its sexy lingerie so it must be for mom. Your sister really likes the outfit and wants to try it on and gets your opinion on it, however you get a raging hard on for her seeing your sister in lingerie and tell her to give you a handjob now or else your gunna tell on her for sneaking around with the presents. Your sister decides to go through with you and jerk you off but its taking too long and shes scared someone will catch you both. To speed things along you tell her to suck you off. She sucks you off and you bust a huge nut in her mouth to the point it spills out and gets all over the outfit shes wearing thats moms. Your father comes downstairs and catches you both and sends you off to your bedroom while keeping your sister downstairs. Your sister thinks shes gunna get punished but your father says he wants to see your sister in the lingerie so she shows it off to him. Dad really likes it on her and as punishment wants to fuck her in it for being a naughty girl. He fucks her in the lingerie thats supposed to be for mom while shes still covered abit in your (brother) cum and gets fucked until shes a good girl and cums. After cumming and being a good girl she wraps the present back up and puts it under the tree for mom.

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Duration: 00:39:32
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