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THERE ARE NO TOYS IN THIS ITS ALL JUST SIMULATED, I REPEAT NO TOYS*** ***THIS WAS A CUSTOM VID, VIEWS/PLOT WERE GIVEN TO ME TO DO/USE*** *** I say “Mommy” “Hunny” ALOT and also say things like “Im so proud of you” ***PLOT:*** Your girlfriend recently just broke up with you because your a premature ejaculator and your real upset about it. The video starts out with mommy laying in your bed naked talking to you trying to comfort you about it as best as she can. She tells you theres nothing to worry about and that shes here for you. Mommy then tells you she wants to comfort you in her own way that she thinks will make you feel much better so she says she will give a nice comforting blow job. She tells you its not weird, and that its natural so she takes your clothes off and sucks you off until you cum in her mouth. After cumming in her mouth she strokes your cock to keep you hard so she can ride you. She rides your cock (face/tits view only pov) until you cum inside her pussy. She knows you have one more load of cum so to get you hard again she bounces a little her big fat ass in your face until your cock is hard again and then you bend her over in doggy until you give her one last cream pie

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