Brooke Benson in The Violation of Wunder Boobs HD 720p

From: Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures

Scene One: Aquaman’s the best

Batman and Superman find Wunder Woman tied up by her own golden lasso. The lasso makes Wunder Woman tell the truth and the men take full advantage asking her who fucks the best and who has the biggest dick. Aquaman She says with a smile. Why don’t you show me who fucks the best Wunder Woman suggests, unable to control her sexual desires as the lasso removes her inhibitions.

Pulling down her top they grope her tits and slap her face, previewing the rough fuck she’s about to get. Wunder Woman moans as they pull down her panties and slap her ass red. Loving every second, cocks are down her throat and she’s mouth fucked like a whore.

Scene Two: Amazing amazon

Brought to her knees on the couch, she’s spit roasted between their large cocks. They fill her up and slap her around. Wunder Woman is used from both ends, being fucked harder than she ever thought possible.

With mascara running down her face she’s told to ride Superman’s cock while sucking Batman’s dick. Moaning she fucks them like no mortal woman can. Lois Lane has nothing on this amazon goddess.

Scene Three: Aquaman’s sloppy thirds

Choked and slapped she’s put face first onto Batman’s cock, sucking him so she can breath. Superman watches the action, fucking her tight pussy from behind. They switch and make her cum like no mortal man could ever do.

Wunder woman is brought to her knees, knowing the delicious surprise she’s about to receive. Batman creampies her mouth and she shows him the gooey load before swallowing. Is that all you got? she asks as Superman gives her another. Wunder swallows that salty load down without hesitation.

I’ve got something else for you Batman tells her as he jerks a load all over her face. Aquaman does it better She says and Superman becomes enraged! Shoving her to the couch he fucks her with all his super strength until he cums in her pussy, filling her up and showering her pussy with cum. Can you untie me now? She asks. They refuse leaving her tied up for Aquaman to have sloppy thirds.

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