Brittany Lynn – Your Step-Sister-In-Law Escort Says Knock Her Up and Keep Your Mouth Shut HD 1080p

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You walk into a hotel room expecting to see an escort that you hired for the evening. While she is in fact there you are shocked to see it is your step-sister-in-law.

At first she is a bit upset and says she has you over a barrel, but also realizes you now have dirt on her as well. But, as she thinks over the situation the two of you are in she comes up with a brilliant idea.

See, she knows you have already knocked up her step-sister several times and now she wants the same. She tells you that she wants you to give her your hot seed so she can get pregnant as well. The deal is, you get a freebie fuck and she gets knocked up and both of you keep your mouths shut.

She then starts to pose and show all the positions that she would like to fuck you in. She puffs her belly out to show you how hot she will look when you get her pregnant and talks too about how big her tits will get with milk. She wants to get knocked up and she knows you have always wanted to fuck her so what do you say? Get laid and keep a dirty secret with your step-sister-in-law, you know you want to.

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