Braylin Bailey – Plumber Mind Controls Hot Teen & Fucks Her HD 1080p

Braylin’s parents called the plumber to fix the pipes at the house. She has no idea that the actual plumber is already in the kitchen fast at work. She crawls out of bed in just her panties and a little tee shirt T-shirt then she walks downstairs to get some breakfast. When she stumbles upon the Plumber she is in shock, especially when he asks her where his check is. Braylin tells him she has no idea who he is or where his stupid check his. She tells him to go piss off. The plumber doesn’t like her attitude one bit, so he decides to teach her a lesson she won’t remember. He pulls out a special micro chi and persuades Braylin to stick it in her ear. He tells her she will be able to see her social media posts without having to use her phone. She is extremely gullible and she does what he says. A few seconds later he pulls out his phone and turns on a special App. Within seconds he turns Braylin into a Mindless Robot and he completely Mesmerizes her. He makes her do silly things at first. After that the Plumber decides to have her suck his cock and balls then he takes her to pound town. When he is finished banging her he makes her suck his shaft one more time until he shoots his load deep down her throat. The plumber then gets dressed, takes the micro chip out of her ear and hauls ass.Ten seconds later Braylin snaps out of it and has no idea what just happened. While the Plumber is on to his next house.

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