Best Friend Sends His Girl to Fuck for Cash HD 1080p

From: Undercover Sluts

My best buddy’s girl texted me outta nowhere and said she wanted to stop by and talk about something. I kind knew she was gonna ask me for a few bucks, cuz they’ve hit a rough patch, but I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when she said my step-bro had sent Kitty over to fuck for cash. I gave her all the money in my wallet which, to be honest, wasn’t much, but I suspect she wanted some good dick as much as she wanted some grocery money. I never looked at her that way but she sucked dick like a champion and when she spread her legs and begged me to eat her pussy, I knew this was worth every penny, and I didn’t even feel bad for my bud. I got my money’s worth as I fucked her every which way and eventually made her tap the fuck out. I finished by putting a thick hot load all over her lips. I bet she put in all this hard work just to head home and hand over all the cash to him

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