Bella Bates / BellaBates – Student Blackmails And Fucks His Teacher 4K

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One of the teacher’s students has had problems with parents at home. Now he has no place to go. The teacher wants to help her student and says the student can spend the next night in her and her husband’s home. When the teacher and her husband go to bed in the evening, student sneaks to the bedroom door, he sees the teacher having sex with her husband. The student secretly takes photos of their fucking. The next day, the student returns to his teacher after school and the benevolent teacher asks if the student wants to stay the next night too. But the student picks up his phone and shows the pictures to the teacher, the student says he wants something else. He does not spread the pictures if the teacher fucks with him. The teacher cannot agree to that, but she has no choice. The student takes the teacher to the bedroom and secretly puts the phone to record… The student gets a great reason to get fuck his teacher again.

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