Bella Bates / BellaBates – MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM MOMMY 4K

Your mom has been so lonely since you moved out from home. But now you have decided to spend your Christmas holidays with your mom at your mom’s place. You’re celebrating Christmas just two of you. She is so happy that you want to be with her at Christmas that she wants to give you a very special gift. She starts to undress herself in front of you. There is no underwear under her dress, your mom is standing naked in front of you (only christmas hat on her head). She tells you not to be shy, no one needs to know how you spend your holiday. She tells you that she is your mom and she knows what she is doing. Your mom hopes you will accept her gift. She kneels in front of you and starts to open your pants. She knows you want it… After she has treated you with her mouth she wants you in her bedroom. She goes to change her underwear what she got for you and starts seducing you in bedroom by stroking herself. She wants your big and hard cock inside her. You get your mom really horny that wet pussyjuice leaks from her pussy when she gets an orgasm (twice!) and you cum huge cum in her creamy wet pussy. She hopes you enjoy your gift.

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