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Your mom comes to your room and she wants to ask you something. Your mommy has had a feeling that she needs something new in her life. She loves you very much, but she wants to get pregnant and have a b-a-b-y. Your daddy no longer lives with you and your mommy does not want a new partner. But she knows that to get pregnant, she needs to get a daddy for a new b-a-b-y. Then your mommy figures out that the best new daddy is you. You already live together and your mom doesn’t want you to ever move out. You could be a small family. Today is the best day to start because your mommy is ovulating and she can get pregnant very quickly. Your mom gets very excited that you haven’t had sex with anyone yet. She will be your first. Your mommy will tell you what to do. It’s important to get your mom wet first because a wet pussy feels so good.

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