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No Time for Studying

Bailey is studying in her bedroom, when her step-mom, Cory, walks in. “Why are you always studying!? That’s all you ever do! You know you can come to me if you need to talk, right?” Cory tells her. Bailey asks Cory to please leave her bedroom so she can finish studying. “I’m just going to sit on the edge of your bed! You won’t even know that I am here,” Cory tells her. Cory starts to whisper quietly to herself, “Look at that perky ass of hers! Ugh! I’d love to shove my face in that!” Bailey ends up hearing what her step-mom says, and she confronts her about it. Bailey tells her step-mom that she thinks she’s hot as well, and she loves how her big tits look under her yellow shirt! Cory leans over and she unbuttons Bailey’s shirt, exposing her perky, natural tits. She spreads Bailey’s legs, which exposes her pussy, because she was wearing a skirt with no panties. Cory leans up to kiss Bailey on the mouth first, and the two of them passionately make out with each other. Cory licks Bailey’s nipples, and then she kisses her way down to Bailey’s pussy. Cory eats her step-daughter’s pussy out, and then she leans up to kiss Bailey so she can taste her own pussy. Bailey asks Cory to take her yellow shirt off and then Bailey pulls Cory’s bra down, exposing her big, enhanced tits. Bailey starts to lick and suck on her step-mom nipples. Cory takes her skirt off, and then Bailey starts to eat Cory’s pussy out while her crotch-less panties are still on. After Bailey makes Cory cum, Bailey gets on top of Cory and she starts to scissor her back and forth. They keep scissoring until they both cum again!

Too Hot For The Pool

Bailey is wearing a purple bikini as she stares outside, debating whether or not she should go outside in the pool. Cory walks up behind her and she is wearing a black and leopard print bikini. “How about we stay inside and have some fun on the couch instead?” Cory asks her. Bailey agrees, and they both walk over to the couch. Cory starts to lick Bailey’s perky nipples. Then, Bailey starts to return the favor by licking and sucking on Cory’s nipples next. Bailey gets in the doggy style position next and Cory starts to rub her pussy from behind. Then Bailey lies down on the couch and Cory tells her that she wants to taste her pussy again! Cory starts to eat Bailey’s pussy out again as Bailey moans louder and louder. After Bailey cums, Bailey wants to eat Cory’s pussy again and that’s exactly what she does! Cory holds Bailey’s hair back while she eats her pussy until she cums too! Then the step-mom and step-daughter duo make out with each other…

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