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Ashley has been applying to jobs without any luck for what feels like forever. She gets a call in to interview at a great new tech start-up, and shes very excited. During the interview she expresses her interest in the job and a willingness to do anything to get it. The man interviewing her says that the work can be boring at times, so the guys like to have fun in the office. He asks her if she would like this kind of an environment. Ashley excitedly agrees and asks what he would want from her. He flat-out asks her to take out her breasts. Ashley is really surprised, but if using her body will help her finally get a job, she has no problem with it. Ashley removes her breasts from the top of her dress, and stands and strips completely naked when he asks. He tells her that it is time for the real test: how well can she suck dick?

Ashley walks over to him and unzips his jeans. She takes out his cock and starts to suck him. He asks her to show him how badly she wants the job. She starts to suck him like shes watched girls in porn suck dick before. He is impressed and asks her if she would be ok with sucking off the other guys in the office. Ashley smiles and agrees. Once his cock is rock hard, he tells her that he is going to fuck her now, and has her stand up. He bends her over his desk and slides his big dick deep in her pussy. Ashley moans and says shes not used to having such a big dick inside of her since her boyfriend is kind of small. He asks what her boyfriend would think of her being bent over like this, and Ashley giggles and says that he doesnt need to know. Ashley gets fucks hard and then her cums all over her ass and back. He tells her to leave, and that she needs to come back Monday to start her new job.

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