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You have your place to yourself one afternoon and invite over an annoying girl from one of your classes. You can’t stand to listen to her, but you’re single now and you know she’s a slut. Maybe you can shut her up by shoving your dick down her throat. At first she’s surprised that you’re being so rough, but she fucking loves it. You fuck her face hard, making her gag and get spit all over herself.

At one point you grab her face and bring it close to the camera you have hidden. She finally notices and freaks out. You think the whore might get up and leave, but she clearly loves it. She tells you that you have to send her a copy of the video so she can see what she looks like sucking dick. She also tells you that you can’t post it online or anything, but you don’t bother to listen to her. You keep fucking her face and then jack off all over it.

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