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So I got a text from my best friend’s step-mom that she needed me to come over to her house and help her with something. I tried to call Jimmy, my best friend, and see what was up. But he wasn’t answering my texts or calls. So I headed to Jimmy’s house, thinking something might be wrong with him. When I got to to their house and walked to the door, there was a note that said come in Johnny, I’m in the back room – Signed Mrs. Love xoxo. Confused, I went inside and called out to Mrs. Love. She quickly answered and told me to come to her. I did what she said and headed that way. When I opened the back bedroom door there was Jimmy’s step-mom laying in her bed half naked with rose pedals all around her. At first, I tried to cover my eyes, but she insisted I look at her then she told me what her plan was. She explained that she sent Jimmy to his step-father’s house for the night because she wanted to fuck me. I told her that I was flattered and that she was smokin hot, but that I couldn’t fuck her because Jimmy would freak out if he found out. She didn’t care and she proceeded to seduce me. I couldn’t resist her charm and soon I was balls deep inside Jimmy’s step-mom. WE FUCKED like mad then she made me shoot my load all over her face. Can I just say, Jimmy’s step-mom is a total freak and I can’t wait to do a sleepover at his house again. Hopefully soon.

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