Armani Black – PILLOW TALK HD 1080p (2022)

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It’s Valentine’s & I (Johnny Love) can’t wait to get home to her! I’ve got everything all prepared for my darling, flowers, chocolates & even a teddy bear. She’s amazing – incredible body, no legs & a pillow for a head. Not ideal, I know – but man, her pussy is tight! As soon as penetrate her hole, I feel my nuts immediately start to swell up… that’s how good she is lol! I fuck her hard and shoot my load in her & am ready to take a well-deserved shower when my new stepmom Armani Black confronts me. She’s not bad herself either – a beautiful tan, great big titties, she comes with legs and has a nice face too! She tells me my darling is only silicone and I reluctantly agree. The good news is, since it’s Valentine’s she said shes going to be the best stepmom ever. I ask what about my dad?? She is so smart – unlike my pillow head darling – and tells me not to worry about my dad. He only cares about fucking her pussy, so as long as I only fuck her ass… then she is not cheating. Again…. so smart!! My stepmom pulls out her big boobs and lets me touch and squeeze them. She even spread her ‘real’ legs so I could feel her shaved MILF pussy! Then my stepmom jerked me off for a few minutes before letting me spit in her asshole. It was on from there – I shoved my big cock inside her tight little ass and started fucking her hard. My stepmom screamed as I banged her cute bum. She got on top of me in reverse cowgirl & I rabbit-fucked the MILF’s ass until she orgasmed on my cock. She let me choke her and try the weirdest positions that even my darling won’t! My stepmom drained my load for me and taught me what it’s like to be with a real woman – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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