Angel The Dreamgirl – The “Wet” Recruitment HD 1080p

Our beautiful and nice Kate is meeting her prospective future boss at a bar in a public place.
She is very sexy and lovely.
Dur*ng their conversation she notices that this rich businessman focuses on her legs and feet and toes.

Her boss claims that to be hired she must pass a simple strength test:
can she withstand to a good quantity of alcohol ?

No problem for our Kate who is eager to get the job and the very good salary that goes with.
Our delicious Kate is now walking up to the elevator and through this little way our businessman is getting more and more excited by the sight of this sensual creature. He must absolutely own her…
But now it’s time for the date for the contract and other papers. To be very seductive, Kate is wearing slutty clothes, and an heavy dark make-up with a very visible red lipstick. She wears also beautiful stockings and wonderful high heel sandals to shows off her legs and feet to excite this fetishist..
While she is reading the paper our perverted businessman pours champagne and v*dka into her glass. And the show begins…

Kate dr*nks and dr*nks more, begins rapidly to laugh then to hiccup. She is now completely dr*nk ansd says that it’s late and she needs to leave.
But due to our perverted businessman she is so dr*nk that she is not able to do that! All that is possible for her is to walk around the room on her high-heels, hiccuping with a crazy laughter! She is falling several times (please cam views on her nylon legs)…
It’s now time for action for the boss : he opens his pants and show her his big cock. He orders her to give him a blowjob. We have a close look of the face of our dr*nken beauty doing her blowjob, some bursting out because of a fit of laughter.

Then an another glass of alcohol to keep her prey in a good mood. And some pleasant actions of sex with a lot of pleasure.

At the end the boss cums into his new business secretary lying on the table…

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