Angel The Dreamgirl – I’m Gonna Drain You Dry to The Last Drop 4K

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You play the role of a stepdaughter. Your stepfather is lying in bed. Today is your step-mother’s and his anniversary. He planned on having a very romantic day with your step-mother, but you’re gonna prevent that. Your goal is to make him cum so much, he won’t be able to perform on his anniversary!

You walk slowly up to him as he lays in his bed. You say “Happy anniversary, step-daddy!”. You mention that is was so sweet that he had a nice day planned. Plenty of sex with step-mom. You then look at him, lick your lips and say “Im gonna drain the cum out of you so there’s none left for step-mommy!. He tries to get away from you but you push him back down on the bed. The camera angle is the same as in “625 Welcome to the dark side. It’s your new secret life” (screenshot attached).

You stand over him and tell him that your so much hotter than step-mommy. MUCH hotter. The outfit you wear I leave as your choice, but it is supposed to be a sexy stepdaughter, very bratty and slutty, with a LOT of cleavage showing., as well as showing off your awesome toned legs. You comment on every part of your body, comparing your perfect body with your step-mother’s. You’re so much hotter.

You begin to lick and suck a popsicle, similar to the one you did in video 625 (Screenshot attached). You deepthroat and lick the popsicle and then you begin to deep throat stepdaddy as he lay in bed. The whole idea is to SLOWLY deep throat him and tease him while occasionally licking a popsicle. You keep teasing him and slowly deep throating him.

During the blowjob, you keep reminding him that you’re gonna drain him dry. You proceed to constantly SLOWLY DEEP throat him for about 15 minutes. You continue to deep throat him and make him cum, but please make him cum while he is deep in your throat. Just keep deep throating without taking cock out. Just a very deep pulsating deep throat.

After he cums, you slowly take out his cock. You say, “I’m not done with you yet. I want MORE your CUM!”. You then use your HUGE cleavage and slowly tit fuck him as he lay in bed. You keep tit fuck him until you know he is gonna cum again, so you tit fuck him until he explodes between your tits.

I just finished watching the video and it was AMAZING! It was exactly what I wanted and much more! You and your husband never cease to amaze me. You both do excellent work and I will definitely order more customs in the future. Truly amazing. Thanks again!

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