Angel The Dreamgirl – Frozen Doll #212 HD 720p

Hi-i think i would like to do this video: in the video, u r laying back (see first picture) and he has made u up w/ make-up and (maybe wear the pink-ish glasses from “horny from my selfie”-but remove them halfway through) and u r frozen and cant move-his cock hovers over your face and u look up scared because u r helpless-he opens your mouth and his cock slowly enters your helpless mouth while u moan in fear-u cannot resist as he starts to slowly fuck your face-keep most of the video close-up POV like first photo-you can do a few side shots-with just u moaning with wide open eyes and some shots of you looking cross-eyed at the cock in terror as it fucks your mouth-please keep most of the mouth-fucking kind of slow w/ some deep thrusts and more moaning from u-and for the cumshot pls hold your tongue way out so he can cover it w/ cum while u look frightened and hold it there for a minute before swallowing. pls keep the video well lit and mostly POV like in below picture. thanks for considering this and thanks for your great videos!

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Duration: 00:23:07
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