Angel The Dreamgirl – 532 Naked Stranger Becomes a Sex Toy At a Party 4K

The clip would be shot from the perspective of fantasy-me getting naked,walking a few steps away from my clothes and edging myself. Of course there is no need for the person filming to really get naked, but it would be good if we see that some clothes get deposited and we don’t see whatever the person is wearing. Now, as I enjoy myself, I suddenly hear your voice behind me.

You are shocked at first but quickly amused and laughing as you stand between myself and my clothes. You ask me how it feels to be caught doing such naughty things. I tell you that it’s embarrassing but also very arousing since you are a very sexy woman and you are wearing a summery and sexy outfit. You like that and tease me a bit, encouraging me to keep on jerking off as long as I don’t cum. You can tease me with your cleavage and your sexy legs. I like your idea of lifting up the dress for a short time and actually you could similarly play with your cleavage. That being said, the cleavage and legs would be enough to drive me crazy.

After a bit, you realize how powerless I am, given that all my clothes are right next to you while I am fully naked a few steps away. You ask me what would happen if you took all my clothes and left. I beg you not to do that and you get a very naughty smile on your face. You tell me to be a very, very good and obedient boy or face the consequences. I immediately agree to do everything you ask. With a smile, you ask me to get on my knees and keep on edging myself crazy. You slowly pack all my clothes and I just watch helplessly. You remind me that all I can do now is to follow you wherever you go and do everything you ask. You can me to go anywhere you want.

So you tell me to follow you and stay hard all the time. While you walk away, you keep on looking back at me, you look down at my hard cock and laugh at my embarrassing situation. While walking around you can tell me that you hear people coming (video could have noises in the background implying it) and how embarrassing it would be if they saw me like this. You then make my situation even worse me to go on my knees and kiss your feet. The noises get louder with people laughing as they see me.

You could tell me that there is a cafe nearby (again noises in the background would help) and that you want to buy something there. You then tie me somewhere so I cannot go away and ask me where my wallet is. You then take the wallet from my things and leave to shop. The video can then cut to you coming back 15min later with loud noises of people seeing me. You show me how my wallet is empty now.

Now comes the part where I am really curious what you would do in such a situation. I mean you could me to go everywhere you want, use me as a sex toy in any way you like, offer me as a sex toy to anyone we happen to meet or just take me home with you to be used as a naked waiter at a party with your friends. Many naughty ideas come to my mind but I would really like to know what you would do in such a situation… It would also be nice to end the clip without any orgasm for me and instead just agree to meet again the next day for more fun…

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