Angel The Dreamgirl – 466 Call girl Bared To You *The Part 1 4K

From the beginning, You have minimal make up, make Polischt Fingernails in pink and black. You are kompleated nacked,gloves on wearing 1 pair of tight medical latex gloves cut the Fingertips of gloves that i can see your polischt fingernails (like the ones seen in Naughty schoolgirl give a deep blowjob weare all gloves in smal size 1 number schmaler as your real size, and your fingers completel fill the gloves’ fingers) I’m lying on the bed in our bedroom wearing a pair 1 pair of the same tight medical latex gloves. I am gently caressing and playing with my cock when you open and close the bedroom door. You’re bringing with you 3 condoms and 6 other pair of the same medical latex gloves we are both wearing without cuttet fingertips of the gloves.

Your man (playing my role) moans his ecstatic pleasure during the movie as you’re so much sensual, and I see his cock pulsating at times as the sexual pleasure you’re giving him (me) feels so intense. And he rubs your beautiful body with his gloved hands, any and every part of you. You say “I have something to please your cock inside me” and then slowly extract the wet condom from your pussy (the more it’s wet the more I like it). Let me see it in close up. You do a close-up of the condom, and you say “You see the inside of this latex condom, all wet and sticky with my pussy juice? This is what the skin of your cock will feel from now! Being all soaked in my pussy juice inside this skin tight condom”. You turn the condom back “inside-in” so your pussy juice is now inside, and you extract all the air inside the condom. You smoothly wrap my hard cock making sure the latex is skin tight from top to bottom and no air is inside the tip of the condom. You then take the second condom, completely unroll it and put a good load of your saliva inside. Again take the most air out of the condom before putting it over the first one skin tight over my cock. My cock is hard and pulsating! now you put a second gloves on your first gloves. than toutsch with the gloves your pussy and rube the pussy.

We add our scene to this custom clip: It was so beautiful and sexy when Angel wrap hard cock with a latex condom. We repeated this 5 times as Angel slowly put on each time a new condom, in the end she put on 2 condoms on hard and throbbing cock.

Finally you wet the most you can your gloved hands with your pussy juices and saliva and then you put on the 3nd pair of gloves you brought over the first and second pair (tightly).

Make deep french kiss me, and you make wet kissing sounds. You rub each other with your gloved hands at the same time. After you say (while sensually tickling my cock) “I will continually make your cock get spasms for a long time, so much it will totally explode with even more powerful spasms! I will relentlessly caress your cock while you explode and looooooong after, you cock will never stop getting spasms”. Then begins a succession of you slowly and teasingly kiss & lick & suck my cock and balls, play onthe balls with your gloves+ nails, you sensually play with them with your gloved hands.

After 10 minutes of this, you take off your 3nd and 2st pair of gloves, and sensually adjust the 1st pair over your hands. After this, you slowly and smoothly peel off the second condom with your gloved hands, making sure the first one stays on, and then you stretch on the remaining condom the more you can to the base of the cock. while at the same time you slowly & sensually rub my balls and cock.

After you say “I really wanna taste the mix of my pussy juice and your pre-cum inside your condom!” You unstick a bit the base of the condom and you insert your tongue inside, between the skin of my cock and the condom over it. I see your tongue through the condom tasting the juices. After you stretch the base of the condom back to my balls. Then rub the cock on your labia and cock enters your pussy. You can make several positions in sex in which you will be comfortable.

After 10 minutes at least switching between the ways you please me, I express longer and deeper moans and my cock totally explodes and cums inside the condom while you’re doing a handjob! I want to see every drop of the cum filling the condom as the cock is throbbing and pulsating from pure orgasmic pleasure!

And now the important part to me is what’s following, I love post-cumshot play!

I’d like it VERY much that you continue the slow strokes and rubbing my cock with your gloved hands during and after the cumshot, you keep the rhythm slow and sensual after I start to cum and you never stop the stimulation! About 3 minute after cumshot, you say “now enjoy the sweet feeling of your cock all soaked and sticky with your cum inside this condom”, you smile and you sensually play with my condom covered cock full of cum : you kiss it, lick it, suck it, you play with it with your gloved hands for a good 5- 7 minutes! You make the cum flow inside the condom from the tip to the base to the tip again, etc. And you also stretch & adjust the condom fully over my cock a few times during all of this, and you keep the cum inside the condom.

After this to finish it up, you try your best to extract the cum out of the condom while still keeping the condom over my cock (example you put a finger between the base of the condom and my cock and push the cum down and out the condom with your other hand). The cum drips over my balls, my pantyhose and your hands! You then lick the extracted cum everywhere there is cum. You adjust & stretch the condom over my cock the more it’s possible one last time and you sensually kiss my balls all the way to the tip of my condom covered cock. You finally play with your gloved hands. 

Size: 2.2 GB
Duration: 0:31:43
Resolution: 3840×2160

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