Angel The Dreamgirl – 529 The Last Night 4K

My scenario:

We have celebrated our wedding party and arrive in our bedroom. It is our wedding night. You married me for my money, not my appearance, etc. You want a big cock. You say you want to be fucked. I take off my pants and I already have an erection. Only … My hard dick is very small. You get angry when you see that my cock is rather small. You are laughing. You see my erection and look at me and say to me: ” You don’t think I’m going to fuck with such a small cock”. You call a boyfriend who’s gonna take my place to fuck you. During the conversation you said to him why you don’t want to fuck me. That you need a big cock, because small cock that can also produce quite a bit of sperm.

You hang up and say to me: ” Just look carefully at what I can do with a big cock. Just a pity that you will never do that to me. It is that you have a lot of money, otherwise I would have left you already”.
I do get an assignment from you. While you are fucking I am not allowed to cum. If I do, then you have another surprise for me.

The friend arrives. You open the door and bring him to out bedroom. You take off his pants and I see that he has a nice big cock. You say to me: ”That’s a real nice big cock. I start with giving him a good blowjob”. You make a hand movement ”jerk off” while looking at the camera and laughing, telling me “jerk your small cock”. After the blowjob, you said to me: “and now he is going to fuck me. I don’t want you to cum. If you do, then …”

You take your handbag and take out a g. You say that it is loaded with real b. You complete the sentence with: “I don’t want you to cum, If you do, then I will k. you”. You fuck your friend in various positions, doggy and cowgirl. You make a hand movement ”jerk off” while looking at the camera and laughing, telling me “jerk off your small cock”. And it ends with a cumshot on your breasts. You see that I also were shooting sperm. You said to me: “Is that all you produce. Such a little bit of sperm? Take a look at what I got from him”.

Epilogue: A month later … You live in luxury.
You are dressed entirely in black. And also wear high-heeled shoes.
You are a wid0w and you get a lot of money.

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