Angel The Dreamgirl – 492 A Life Long Therapy Session HD 1080p

For the Outfit I was thinking something along the lines of a / secretary; Blouse (Maybe some cleavage), Tight Skirt, Black Fully Fashioned Stockings and Platform Heels. Make-Up is up to you.

The Clip would basically start right at the start of our session – You’d be very forward and strict and tell me that you finally know why my focus at work keeps lacking – Because I seem to be distracted all
the time with all those woman legs in Stockings and High Heels. You have found the absolute best way to get this distraction “out of my system”, but that will require a life long therapy session – with you being my and no chance of changing (Because secretly you too like the whole idea of having a client who has one purpose – to spray your stockings, especially the tops, with cum).

So without dragging this long out with an explanation as of why I am like this, we jump directly to the cure – you tell me to take my cock out and to start wanking it.
The rest of the dialogue is up to you – giving me instructions, maybe even give me some fake countdowns, because you want me to build up a big load for your stockings, lots of edging – because the cumshot must really change the colour of your stockings from black to white (not in reality ofcourse)
The “ending” countdown will be really strict and all of the sudden – Because this will show that I am truly devoted to legs in stockings and high heels.

I’d really like if the focus is your legs and heels (please have them visible all the time while on camera) and I especially like crossed legs / leg crossing, stretching; I’m sure you know what I mean. At the start your stocking tops should be barely visible – but you quickly put your skirt up so I can fully see them. Also, lots of “Jerk-Off” Motions with your hands (Like you did in a recent clip of yours) – I love that!

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Duration: 00:16:46
Video: 1920×1080