Angel The Dreamgirl – 473 The First Seduction II HD 1080p

I have been working here for 3 months. And I noticed that you are watching me secretly, and when I stand by your desk you look at me so closely. I guess probably you have clothes fetish. You often began to give me a compliment in favor of my work attire. If you wish we can make a dress code for each working day. It will be fun! Not.. What do you want then?

Oh, seriously, do you want it? That’s exactly … I… me… I need to think. This is a very serious step for me. I have never been the Mistress of my Boss, this will be my first time. Yes, I understand you do everything in the best way. The first time is so special, long-awaited… you are right! Do you want me to dominate you and tease you? Well, I’ll try to do it… Yes, I can do it! Do you want me to give you permission to fuck my wet pussy by your hard big cock when the time comes? Wow, I like this development of our conversation. Yes, I understood, I need to tease you for as long as possible, I will tease your big and hard cock until your pre-cum drips from your slit, and your swollen cock is ready to shoot from my resolution. You know… I brilliantly know how to tease a heavy cock. I’m a diamond at…

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