Angel The Dreamgirl – 416 The Deal HD 1080p

This shoot is based on you shopping for a new pair of shoes. Have a selection of shoes on a table and your man is a home shoes salesman. You walk in dressed in the Secretary outfit, same underwear, fully fashioned stockings etc as last shoot and really high black shoes. Makeup dark smokey eyes as first shoot (maybe even heavier) and of course glossy Bright red lips made as big as possible (maybe try and get them even bigger if you can ) . As your skin is so pale, use some brown bronzer between your tits to highlight your cleavage please. You look at a couple of shoes then see the glitter ones to buy. He says they are $1,000 dollars but he could give a really good discount if you model them for him and give him a bit of a sexy show. You put them on and walk around, unbutton your blouse and give him a good eyeful of your cleavage, lift your skirt enough to show you are wearing stockings. Say, I wonder what I have to do to get them free, I love them so much but can’t afford them. I wonder if this may persuade you, take his finger and slowly slowly take it right into your mouth in your red glossy lips and start rubbing his cock. He says OK. I want you to deepthroat my cock, right to the base, every time you take it right to the base, you’ll take $100 off the price. Say it’s a deal as you love to deepthroat a big hard cock but not sure you will fit it all into your pretty mouth.

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Duration: 00:36:18
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