Angel The Dreamgirl – 410 You’re a Huge Cumshooter HD 720p

You are walking in the room /you are reading something or doing something else/ and the camera captures full body shot or zoom in at you – tits, ass, feet. You can make some ass tease while you are leaning on a desk or something simillar/ You can do a sexy straddle to make the skirt tighter while the camera captures you from the back from your feet towards your ass, also you can sexy rise your leg up while you are leaning. Generally everything sexy that you can do – you can add something from you, but still looking sexy and classy. Of course you can walk, lean several times and meanwhile the camera captures different parts of the body or full body shot.

As you are leaning a big cumshot spreads on your ass and you wonder what is happening. You see that the big cock in front of you caused this and you go to it. You are angry for making your skirt messy but when you go to it again it spreads cum on your skirt again. You can’t go to work like this, so you realize why not to have fun? You start rubbing your skirt with the cock like pic 1 and 1.1 but in normal POV, not from down to top like the pic – this is full body shot. You can move your ass to turn him on and touch his cock with your hand. After that short ass rubbing like pic 2 /normal POV or closeup/ .

He sits on a couch and continue short rubbing like pic 2.1 /moving your ass like the scene from “359 Teacher makes schoolboy foot fetish fantasy come true” somethinglike that will be great/.

Then you unzip the skirt /the camera can capture it/ but dont pull it down. Then you kneel and start doing a very messy blowjob, covering your skirt, shirt and tits with spit, drooling. I added screenshots of similar blowjob video just for an example – pictures 3.00 – 3.04. Meanwhile you can unbutton your shirt to show your tits partly/full and to start covering them with the spit. You can rub or play with the cock with your shirt or to make tit job – its up to you. After a while you can pull down a little the skirt like pic 4.1. and you can move your hand to your pussy. Meanwhile you can also move your hands over your body to make your clothes messy. In this blowjob scene, if it is possible, you include several cumshots like 2 and to capture the cumshot on your shirt and skirt. You can do it in different positions again like 2.

Stand and lean on the desk again – pull the skirt down a little maybe to be around your knees to see your ass and pussy only /pictures 5.1, 5.2/ then your husband starts to fuck you. You can include similar poses like your video “388You can’t wait anymore” /pic 10.01/ it is up to you. After a while you go on the bed and your husband fucks you in different poses just for example something like pic 6, 7, 8, 9…I just want the skirt to remain on you – to be pulled down around your knees or to be pulled down to your feet.

Meanwhile when it is possible to make you can include cumshots on you while you are on the bed lying with a half pulled down skirt and touching your pussy or the skirt pulled down to your feet and opened legs again touching your pussy. The shirt can be pulled up or your tits partly exposed. And/or you can include cumshot on your ass or just something like 2 for an example. Of course during that you can pull your skirt and shirt like you are wearing them normally and play with them… Or/and you can /just an idea/ take off the blouse/or the skirt for a while and make handjob with it or to take off the skirt for a while and rub your pussy with it…You can also add your idea too.

The final and “real” cumshot: you are kneeling, you are wearing your shirt and skirt like normally, but of course they are all covered with spit and stuff. You can help your husband to cum with a blowjob or handjob it is up to you and then to stand like doggy style so he can cum on your ass wearing that skirt. After he cums hee can rub his cock into your ass to move the cum around – then you stand up – pull your shirt and skirt /full body shot with close ups/ normally and go.

That’s what I have in mind. As you see I liked the idea and it will be great to see a lot of cumshots but this time to cover your office clothes. Basically the tease part I think can be short one and the blowjob and the sex part can be the longer ones. You can look angry in the beggining after you see the cumshot on you and when you change your mind you can smile or feel happy or something like that again it is up to you.
You said it is ok to use the mentioned clothes from the last email in the video. It will be great to see you wearing the gold satin blouse with the long black skirt that you weared in the previous video. Is this combination. High heels, stockings with garter belt – all of your choice.
That is all I think for the moment.

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