Angel The Dreamgirl – 400 Teased, Drained and Cast Under a Witch’s Spell HD 1080p

1st Scene: You are a witch that steals from people using your magic, sexually controlling men and making them do what you want.You search the internet on your phone and find a man selling his car a pick him.

(This part of the scene should just be close ups of your feet, hands and tits as you lounge around playing on your phone and playing with your tits, you’re just wearing a sweatshirt and baggy pants, with no make up on)

You get up and walk into the bathroom or bedroom, closing the door behind you. You come back out and you’re now incredibly sexy. You’re also twirling a little cloth bag in your hands as you walk out the room.

You arrive at the man’s house and meet him in a sexy black dress and open toe high heels. You two start looking at his car. You get in the driver’s seat, look over the dash and rev the engine. You notice he’s already under your spell as he can’t stop staring at your feet, hands, lips and tits.

(This part of the scene should have you dirty talking to him about how he is so turned on by you while the camera does quick close ups of your feet, hands, lips and tits as you rev the engine.) You then tell him the two of you should go inside his house to sign the paperwork. You lead him by the hand into the house as he stares at your ass and feet.

2nd Scene: The two of you are inside now, sitting on a couch. You have your feet up, still in heels. He hands you the paperwork and a pen and then sits beside you. You put your heels on his cock and start teasing him. You dirty talk to him about how his cock is so hard for you. You tell him that you’re not going to pay for the car, and that he’s going to give it to you for free. You rip up the paperwork in his face as you tease him with your heels through his pants. You look deep into his eyes, pull the little cloth bag out of you purse, pour a dust out of it into your hand. He’s to fascinated by your feet to notice. You then blow the dust in his face. You laugh at him as he .

You continue to rub his cock with your heels as you tell him that you are a witch and that he will leave his wife and home and give everything he owns over to you, including all of his cum until you’ve drained him and then he will be your new sex toy you’ll keep in your attic and that you’re going to start by making him cum in his pants for you right now with just your hands. You put your hands on his cock through his pants and start teasing him with your fingers and nails until he cums quickly for you. (The cum shot in this scene can be simulated, just show the wet spot on his pants)

3rd Scene: The two of you are in his bedroom now. You look at the heels his rich wife has and pick out the ones you like the best and then put them on.You dirty talk to him while you’re changing shoes about how; “you have his cock harder than his rich wife ever has and you haven’t even taken it out of his pants yet”. You tell him to worship your feet in his rich wife’s heels. After he does that for a minute you pull his cock out of his pants and tell him to cum on her heels as you wear them. You stroke his cock until he does. You then tell him to go and get the deed to his house while you look through more of his rich wife’s things. (The cum can be simulated again.)

4th Scene: He comes back into the room with the deed and you have on her hottest lingerie and sexiest high heels. You shove him onto the bed and start teasing him with your heels through his pants. He quickly signs the deed over to you while you have your foot on his cock. You laugh and you kiss him (your kiss is poisonous) he . He wakes back up and now have him either handcuffed or his hands tied to the bed with his pants off. You slip out of the lingerie and get on the bed with him. You stare deep into his eyes as you tease his cock with your nails. You slide a black band around the base of his cock as you tickle and scratch him. Your voice says inside his head as you tease his cock with your fingers and nails; “I know you’re scared, but don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe. I’m in your mind now. I’m you’re only woman now. I own your cock now. I tell it when and where to cum because you are now my pet and you are being such a good boy. So here’s your reward, the best orgasm ever.” You tease his cock with your heels and then take your heels off and give him a footjob with your naked feet. After that you lick and tickle the tip of his cock and then start rub it against your tits. After that you tell him in his mind that you can that he’s ready. You pull the band off his cock. You put your face and lips next to his cock. You blow and kiss on the tip of his cock while you also tease his cock with your fingers and nails. He cums on your command as you tease him. Right after he starts cumming you suck on the head of his cock and swallow the rest his cum. You tell him as you continue to slowly tease his super sensitive cock that he’s a good boy, and now that you’ve completely drained his balls he’ll serve you forever and next time his balls are full, you might, even fuck him.

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